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MLA FleetControl

MLA FleetControl

Take Control of Your Forklift Fleet

MLA understand that reducing costs and increasing productivity are critical factors in successful fleet management. MLA FleetControl uses intuitive technology, allowing to capture real time data directly to your PC, table or smart phone.

MLA can install MLA FleetControl on all MLA supplied fleet units. Real time and historical reports are provided, detailed by truck and operator. Data is stored on the MLA FleetControl website with secure access, using existing mobile phone or wireless networks.

MLA FleetControl includes the provision of operator pre-start checklists and time stamped impact reporting. Customised reporting dashboards may include reports on operator behaviour (completion of daily checks, driver log and activity, impacts), unit and fleet utilisation, idle and drive time etc.

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MLA will install FleetControl and provide 24 hour monitoring to help you identify potential issues before they become a problem. Managing your fleet just became a whole lot easier. Contact MLA now. Call 1300 000 652.