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MLA offer a comprehensive range of Reach Trucks from 1.4t to 2.5t capacity with lift heights to 13 meters. There are models for applications handling pallets in narrow aisles, operating in drive-through or drive-in racking and for multi-directional applications for long loads. Whether for extremely narrow areas or low clearances our Reach Truck range offer the perfect solution for every application.

0.9t -3.0t – Mitsubishi Stand-on Reach Trucks

Today's demanding warehouse applications call for advanced reach trucks. This innovative truck is designed to deliver what you need, every day, every shift.

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0.9t -3.0t – Nichiyu Stand-on Reach Trucks

Nichiyu’s pioneering expertise in electric forklift trucks has developed the FBR80 Series, the latest of its top performing Stand-On reach trucks.

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1.4t - 2.0t - Mitsubishi Sit-on Reach Trucks

RBF-CA Series, one of the most reliable and versatile reach trucks in the industry. Whether it's used to lift, transport or manoeuvre your goods within the warehouse environment, you can be assured of its compact structure and powerful drive system that never fail to outperform your expectations.

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1.4t - 2.0t - Nichiyu Sit-on Reach Trucks

The Nichiyu FBRF Series of sit-on Reach Trucks has a well deserved reputation for reliability. With excellent standard features and the SICOS AC control system that integrates the travel, hydraulic, and electrical power system.

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1.4t – 2.5t – Sit-on Reach Trucks

This outstanding reach truck range brings together a tremendous package of features that will keep your driver happy.

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2.0t – 2.5t – Mitsubishi Multi-way Reach Trucks

These highly specialised trucks are designed to tackle the problem of handling long loads - such as pipes or timber - in very narrow aisles or other confined spaces.

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Mitsubishi 1.8t Stand-on Pantograph Reach Trucks

With double deep load handling capability, the new series of pantograph reach trucks are built to be sturdy, power efficient and have the ability to handle sophisticated demand from the rising needs in materials handling industry.

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