Reach Trucks: Mitsubishi 1.8t Stand-on Pantograph Reach Trucks

Mitsubishi 1.8t Stand-on Pantograph Reach Trucks

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Today's demanding warehouse applications call for advanced reach trucks. This innovative truck is designed to deliver what you need, every day, every shift. Outstanding features such as energy-efficient AC drive and hydraulic motors, regenerative braking system, performance mode setting and on-board diagnostics, are built and configured to your performance needs.

Mitsubishi forklift trucks are built to deliver Performance with Efficiency, and Safety with Comfort, to enable you to reach new heights in productivity. Indeed, delivering what you need is our obsession.

This outstanding reach truck range brings together a tremendous package of features that will keep your driver happy. And a happy driver is a productive driver! AC technology and advanced electronic systems combine to make all fork movement, travel and manoeuvring quiet, smooth and precise. From a spacious, comfortable operator compartment, with an amazingly clear all-round view and a host of features for the driver's convenience, the truck's power is directed via the latest in user-friendly controls and instruments.

For employers, these forklifts promise the height of reliability. You will enjoy efficient, worry-free, low-cost operation, with durable components, electronic diagnostics and easy service access keeping downtime to a minimum. To meet every need, a choice of ten models is offered - including high performance versions for the most demanding applications, straddle legs for handling wider pallets and compact chassis for use with drive-in racking. A range of specialised optional features, as well as full programmability to suit every driver and task, add further versatility.

EDR Pantograph Reach Trucks

EDR Pantograph Reach Trucks are configured to double reach applications to maximise the value of each warehouse space. It is by far one of the most efficient reach trucks that's capable of reaching deeper, lifting faster with superior capacity retention, and equipped with sophisticated controls to enhance your operator's confidence when lifting loads at greater heights.

Greater Reliability

Industry Leading Run Time

EDR series reach trucks have the ability to run up to two shifts on one battery charge, saving your business valuable operating time and money. All the major components – software, motors and controllers – are designed into one advanced system for superior energy efficiency, productivity and speed.

Dynamic Lift Speeds

Built for productivity, this series of reach trucks achieves exceptional lift and travel speeds without compromising on control. One of the fastest in the industry, the reach truck's hydraulic system reaches a lifting speed of up to 0.8m/s – helping your operators move more pallets in less time.

Advanced Brake Performance

The EDR series uses advanced regenerative braking, which puts kinetic energy back into the battery when the truck slows down or travels in reverse. This unique design also requires fewer parts and less maintenance. All of these features result in longer run times while maintaining consistent performance levels for even greater productivity.

Sealed Components for Greater Reliability

These reach trucks feature sealed components for added protection in severe conditions. Sealed components offer greater reliability and require less maintenance over time, lowering your overall cost of operation today and in the future.

Added Security

• Automatic speed reduction reduces travel speed when the truck turns past a predetermined angle overriding operator speed commands.

• Automatic parking brake automatically engages when the reach truck is initially turned on and when the operator steps off of the reach truck. For added security, the electromagnetic brake is only disengaged by operator command.

Dynamic Performance

Rigid Mast Design

Robust scissors structure provides excellent load stability and smooth pantograph performance.

AC Technology

AC technology is integrated into the reach truck design for even greater efficiency and productivity. 

  • Low energy consumption
  • Longer run times
  • Powerful acceleration
  • Leading lift speeds
  • Excellent energy management
  • Smooth directional changes
  • Less maintenance

Dual-Articulating Load Wheels

Premium Load Wheels provide more contact area to the floor, helping to distribute load forecast evenly at a very high lift operation.

panto wheel

Excellent Visibility

Excellent Visibility: Operators experience confidence with the ESR / EDR series'enhanced design. Features such as wide channel spacing, stacked hydraulic hosing and a robust overhead guard with angled bars provide excellent visibility to the load and the surrounding area.

Exceptional Comfort and Control

360 Degrees Electronic Power Steering

Manoeuvring is now made easier with our highly responsive 360 degrees electronic power steering. It is one of the most compact steering controls in the industry that is ergonomically well aligned with your operator's body without any contact while steering.

Intuitive Control Handle

Precise positioning of loads is no longer an issue to any operator with different skill level in equipment handling capability. Operators can now look forward to one of the easiest and sensitive operating multifunctional joystick in the industry, which integrates all controls function into one single control.

Ergo-Cushioned Floor and Backrest

Our Ergo cushion floor pad is available to ease your operator from long hours of standing and fatigue on their foot and back.

Informative Digital Display

Through one easy to read screen, operators can view key indicators such as current battery charge level , hour meter and performance modes. Various truck settings can be pre-set at the touch of a button on the display panel.

 panto display




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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: EDR18N2 Series
Sub Category Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 1.8 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 11400mm
Tyre Type: Urethane

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