Engine Forklifts: 2.5t MLA Vulcan engine counterbalance forklifts

2.5t MLA Vulcan engine counterbalance forklifts

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MLA Vulcan H3. Superior quality and performance

MLA Vulcan H3 series are designed and manufactured for Australian requirements. The cost-effective MLA Vulcan H3 series are forklifts that deliver a high level of productivity with low initial price and reduced lifetime running cost.


Compliant to Australian Safety Standards

Fully compliant to AS2359.1:2015, the Australian Standard for Industrial Trucks, the new MLA Vulcan H3 series of LPG/petrol and diesel forklifts are sold and supported by the Australia wide service and parts infrastructure of MLA Holdings.

The new MLA Vulcan H3 series provide operators with a highly balanced driving experience in an efficient and environment friendly forklift. The outstanding operator comfort, safety and reliability are key features along with easy maintenance and excellent working efficiency.

Excellent working efficiency

The MLA Vulcan H3’s high efficiency guarantees material handling work will meet the requirements of various kinds of complex work conditions.

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With a lowered rearward centre of gravity, the forklift’s overall stability is enhanced and is more stable during loading, unloading, and travelling. Quick responding steering wheel with 100% pivot steering and return provides a small turning radius to deliver manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

The constant load sensing steering system increases lifting speed, reduces hydraulic oil temperature, improves working efficiency and extends service life of the seals. Compared with a truck with same capacity, the lifting speed without load is 14% improved, the lifting speed with load is 12% increased while the hydraulic oil temperature is 21% reduced.



The importance of improved driver comfort was a key consideration in the development of the MLA Vulcan H3. With cushion connections between the frame and the suspension cab the truck's vibration is efficiently absorbed. The suspension foot pedals isolate the vibration transmitted from the chassis to these operating devices. No openings on the floor improves the sealing performance and isolates noise from the operator.


The H3 cabin space is maximised by locating the tilt cylinders below the floor delivering a 45% improvement in operators floor space. Wide open, no slip no trip step design improves comfort and safety when entering and exiting the forklift. The weight adjustable, semi-suspension seat can move forward and backward as well as tilt the seat squab to fit different operators' needs.


Operational optimisation and safety

A mast lowering buffering device reduces shock and vibration from the mast and avoids the crash noise caused by lowering the load quickly to the ground.


The wide-view 3 stage mast and lowered instrument panel improves forward visibility significantly. While the optimized counterweight structure improves the rear view and the reversing assist grip with horn enhances comfort by offering easy horn use when travelling in reverse.


Engine and transmission cooling performance has been boosted with the hot air reflow isolating device, aluminium plate-fin type radiator, 60mm backward muffler and optimized thermal dissipation duct which improve cooling ability and ensure engine reliability even under harsh and high temperature environments.


Ingenious axle casing ensures that key rotation parts are protected from water and dust to extend their maintenance period. By using a cast axle, the bearing load carrying ability is improved and the truck structure is simple and reliable further prolonging the service life of the forklift.

Impressively bright LED headlights and high installed LED rear combination lights are both striking in appearance and energy saving. LED lights effectively solve the problem of lamp failure significantly extending the lights service life.

Environmentally friendly

Clean and environmentally friendly operation built into the MLA Vulcan H3 series meets international emission standards designed to reduce harmful gasses.


Easy maintenance

Ease of servicing is important for maintaining the optimal condition of key components and the forklift overall. This ensures safety and work efficiency which is an essential function of a good product.

The large engine hood opening angle and an engine hood lock integrated into the hood makes for convenient opening and closing during maintenance. The gas strut has an optimized placement, improved load carrying ability and wide opening angle for easier checks and maintenance.


Front and rear floorboards are simple to disassemble and reassemble making it easy to maintain engine and transmission systems. The radiator heat flow baffle is connected to the chassis with bolts and can be removed without disassembling the counterweight.


Brake fluid reservoir is conveniently located under a cover on the instrument panel making it easy to check the brake fluid level and top-up if necessary. Oil return pipelines from the mast are fixed to the middle beam with skid mounted clamps so it is easy to install, maintain and provide reliable hydraulic oil return. 
Brand: MLA Vulcan
Model Name: H3 Series
Model: Engine Counterbalance Forklifts
Capacity: 2.5 tonnes
Fuel Type: LPG/Dual Fuel and Diesel
Maximum Lift Height: 4700mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 3580mm
Tyre Type: Solid/Pneumatic

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